Fearless. Rebellious. Adventurous and unpredictable... perhaps invincible. There are plenty of words that describe the phase of growing up without consequence, but the one thing being young has most going for itself, above all, is relevancy. Being young means being present. Youth culture dictates the modern day attitude and gesture. Being young means challenging authority, its stereotypes and architectural hierarchy. It's selfish in the way it's presented. It spits at what "was" all the while reclaiming and/or validating its own imaginary concept of cool. Youth culture is the future. It's the advancement of a species that comes forth like a wave of destruction. But as with anything present, you will never be as young as you are tonight.

NTHNG presents our 2015 preseason editorial entitled...
"When We Were Young".

Featuring the boys of Mother Made

Photography: Jaz Panaguiton
Styling: Models (self) with Vince and Victor Candelaria

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