It all started on the 20th of September, 2012.  A group of like minded individuals all gathering at a single table, to discuss what was then in it's early infancy stages, NTHNG.  Time flies, and with that many trials and tribulations.  All of us in the team have gone through drastic changes in our lives since then, both personal and professional but with the same constant single goal of wanting to make this brand work.  We hope to one day realize what the brands full potential is, but this…  is now.  A year of blood, sweat and tears all poured into a single collection of garments reflective of what we as individuals have experienced in our lives.

Elegy by definition is a noun and is described as "a pensive or reflective poem that is usually nostalgic or melancholy."  They say in order to move forward in life, you must learn to put away the baggage that is your past.  For many, the past has a way of haunting us for choices we made and for the ones we didn't.  The team hopes with these lookbooks, you get a feeling for what it's like to think about those decisions, good and/or bad.  How they affected your life and how reacting opposite could of changed things and possibly made a difference.  Because "What if?!"… that time, we all chose differently.  Case in point; "What if?!"… the team thought a year ago, this all was a waste of time.  How close would the team as a whole be?  How much different would our lives be today?  These are thoughts we began to run with as a team when we made this video lookbook.  These are the feelings we felt, when listening to The Theorist's accompanying original composition...

Life is a roller coaster of emotion and experience.  Thankfully, a year and a half later, we're still together and proudly presenting to you our first collection.  We entitled Elegy the way it is because none of us can picture us doing anything other than what it is we're working hard to currently achieve.  Taking our first initial baby steps to growing a brand that we hope you can grow and evolve with as we do.  Much like life, this isn't a race to the finish line, but a long distance marathon.  You try and stay the course and hope with the right amount of effort and planning, things will eventually fall into place.  We hope you'll take part in our journey.  A journey which begins with Elegy.  

On a side note, thank you to all those involved with the planning and building of Elegy.  To the models; Diego, Kirst, Justin, Daniel and David.  Thank you for your patience with us, and your hard work.  We appreciate the time you took out of your own schedules to want to help us achieve our goal of presenting something that meant a lot.  To our "shooters" at Notion Blvd, the world is not ready for you three.  Your vision in filming what were initially moments jotted down on paper and turning them into reality is really a thing of beauty.  Your work ethic, skill and level of creativity is unmatched and we thank you for your undivided attention.  It's been an honour and a privilege.  And to The Theorist, thank you for your support and willingness to want to be apart of something.  You have always shown love from day one and we are as much a fan of yours as we are peers.  You are a musical genius and the proof is in your viewership and with the individuals that you have worked with.  Hope you're enjoying that west coast weather, we miss you.

Please click HERE to view the collection and lookbooks and visit our webshop to see the first initial launch products.