Behind The Scenes: ELEGY

It was a very cold early Sunday morning sometime in mid-March.  A group of guys gather together in a small industrial like building somewhere in Toronto.  Without any permission from building tenants or the landlord, they shoot for 6 hours continuous in what the end has become the video lookbook for Elegy.  It took a lot of team work, and a lot of great individual effort from all involved but we got everything done.

For those who follow the team individually and on our NTHNG account on Instagram, we had secretly been previewing our lookbook video location.  Those familiar would of caught "the elevator" in our Instagram videos and photos, prior to the full video being actually released.  We do a lot of work in that building and it was an extremely clever idea to come full circle and use it in our video as the locale (Great job to whomever thought of that).  We had asked one of the tenants on premise who we would need to speak to in order to gain permission to use the building for shooting but in the end decided against it; hearing that the location was vacated usually on Sundays and if the landlord were to find out that we wanted to use the location for lookbook purposes, he'd probably charge us a fee.  So we took to things guerrilla style.  

Our team.  Jaz, Vince, Victor, Aubrey and myself.  The team from Notion Blvd.; Anthony, Zak and Marcus and our models David, Daniel and Justin.  The concept of the video was similar to the idea of "groundhog day" and how life as you grow with age feels very much like it.  You wake up, work, eat, sleep…  and repeat.  The irony is that the majority of people in this world are all living similar lives.  It's depressing.  We carried the attitude and mood throughout the video by using various models to show how the lives of many are mirrored.  Imagine, we wake up each day holding to that glimmer of hope for change.  It's what drives us to be unique, to be different, let alone to live.  Yet for a majority of individuals in our world the reality is that each day plays out eerily similar to that of the next.  It's weird to live in a world where everyone strives to be different from one another, but all end up uniformly appearing and/or sounding the same.  To me, that is what defines Elegy.  Life is melancholy to think that individuality takes a back seat to complacency and conformity.  And worse, when personal individuality becomes skewed for trendiness.  

On a side note, to everybody who has purchased an item from us, thank you for your support.  Thank you for taking the time to find that/those piece(s) within our collection that work with you.  It means a lot from us all here at NTHNG and we hope to all our present and future clients, that you enjoy wearing each and every piece as much as we enjoyed making them.  Support and love never go unnoticed and unappreciated.  It's a slow build, but it's a fun process.  

Thank you.  Enjoy the "behind the scenes" process as we film our Elegy lookbook.

Words by Bernard Manarin
Photos by Aubrey Afidchao