The internet is such a variety of fast food information it's hard to take the time to process everything you see, read and hear.  Blogs pop up one minute and are quickly abandoned the next.  But it's nice to see that in this day and age where the new medium is digital; information can travel that much faster from one end of the planet to the next in the blink, or in this case the click of a mousepad.

I woke up Saturday morning feeling just like it was any other Saturday.  My Father and I have a weekly ritual of heading north of Toronto to our favourite little get away so that we can spend some quality time together antiquing.  As we pulled into this small town away from the city to stop at the proverbial Canadiana coffee shop Tim Hortons; I received a text from Jaz Panagution (The photography that's on every page, yeah that's ALL him).         


Needless to say, I couldn't contain my own excitement and neither could Jaz.  I informed the rest of the team immediately after, got on the internet and with a half hearted smile, breathed a sigh of relief to what I saw.  By no means does being on High Snobiety equate to the team and I being millionaires overnight.  We'd all be fools to automatically think that.  But to be recognized by one of the most well respected online menswear/fashion publications in the world; that is all I could ask for.

Our brand isn't built on fancy editing, celebrity endorsement or hype to make it work.  Awareness is brought on by the individuals, no different from myself who wear our clothes.  It's old school but word of mouth has always been the best way to let people know what's good and what's not and in my opinion, is the most sincere form of co-signing.  Think of it this way, if your best friend was wearing something that you thought was hot, would you not ask him/her what it is they were wearing and where you could get it?  As a designer, I like to think, if I could get the clothes on every single person; they would be able to understand the work and see it for themselves what the appeal is.  The work and detail that went into every single piece, and find something that works for them.  But it's all about awareness.  What High Snobiety did by featuring us was broaden our reach to households we would of never been able to get unless we were so many years deep in the game.  

To the folks at High Snobiety and in particular Brian Farmer, thank you for taking the time to introduce us to the many loyal viewers/readers you have that visit the website on a daily basis.  Through your article showcasing our first collection Elegy, you have made all our hard work, long hours, and sacrifice all worth it.  Just to see our video embed on the main page is such a honour and privilege and something that has definitely been a highlight in my short career doing this.  Many thanks to you all for taking a chance at showcasing us and we hope to not let this opportunity slip.

Words by Bernard Manarin

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And to those who have yet to read the post up on High Snobiety, you can view it by clicking…  HERE.