AandH Magazine: Mi Piace

Iā€™m fortunate to have friends who create, and produce some truly wonderful things. I take them with me, plucked from each room, each table and I pack them.
— Neil Watson, Editor at Large A&H Magazine

I've never been fond of having too much press.  It takes away from the idea of being "cool".  I worry about the day my brand starts to become lame or stale.  It's something I think all clothing brands go through at one point or another, but over saturation in a market extremely over saturated with countless other brands all trying to vie for some measure of success is always on my mind.  

That said, when we do get press, I'm very thankful for it.  It's a certain cosign/acceptance or acknowledgement that you're at the very least doing something worth informing an audience about.  One of our first supporters has always been A&H Magazine.  Corey and Neil, from the beginning have always focused on my story, doing 2 portrait series editorials with me personally, which I've always been humbled that I was even worthy for consideration of.  Though the focus on my story and inspiration is key to knowing what NTHNG is about, I've always wanted the apparel to speak for itself.  Regardless if it's a piece from Elegy, or if it's as simple as our Preseason collection.

So it was with shock to see that our NTHNG Runic tees were featured in their video; Mi Piace, which features their Editor at Large, Neil Watson, showcasing his travel and packing essentials, an almost "how-to" guide sort to speak because when you're travelling as much as someone like he is, your suitcase is your home.  To be featured alongside other great brands such as Anagni Athens, Christian Kimber, J. Fitzpatrick and Suit Your Style is a blessing and seeing Neil's take on how he believes our t-shirts to be versatile yet simple is always refreshing.  I've believed from the beginning that our clothes aren't reflective of an aesthetic, but of personal style.  The team and I here at NTHNG don't make clothes to conform to a "look" but make clothes that we in general just would like to wear.  But it's up to each individual to add their personal flavour to it.  Which is what I'd like to think Neil here has done by showcasing these shirts in this piece.

I'd like to thank the guys at AandH Mag, for all their support.  Without you guys believing in us, who knows where we would be.  And a special shout out to the good ol' boys, Anthony, Zak and Marcus at Notion Blvd. for shooting and producing this amazing short piece...  You guys are like fine wine, getting better with age.  

Please view the video below and also visit http://www.aandhmag.com/mi-piace/ to view Neil's complete dissection of his packing methods.

Words by Bernard Manarin